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What Do Your Aura Colors Reveal About You?
Your personal aura colors can help you have everything you desire – love, money, success, perfect health, fulfillment and more… Pam's New Workshops - Click Here
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Take this simple quiz and find out how your aura colors affect your life.


Your Aura Colors
Learn how your personal aura colors can help you have everything you desire - love, money, success, perfect health, fulfillment and more… You’re radiating energy and broadcasting who you are all the time.
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Pam's guest on Sept 26 5:00 - 6:00 pm PT is Matthew McKay with guest host Rod Lathim. If you have lost someone you deeply love, or have become strongly aware of your mortality, it’s hard to avoid wondering about life after death...
Pam’s 2016 and 2017 Workshops
Please click on this link to be directed to more information about my upcoming workshops.
Books, Courses, and Meditations
Enjoy the many positive resources available to you to help you navigate your life journey. All are designed to help you evolve, transform, and be happy!
Enjoy a private psychic session with Pam
Enjoy a private session with Pam as she also uses her ability to see and sense the human aura to obtain helpful, life altering information for her clients.
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One of my upcoming radio show guests will be Kenny Loggins. Watch for announcements to learn the date of his special interview with Pam. Kenny Loggins' remarkable four-decade-plus career has brought him from the top of the charts to the toas...
A Closer Look At What Your Aura Colors Reveal
& How They Influence Your Life…
What you can discover through Aura Colors courses
  • Life purpose
  • Most compatible love relationship
  • Best careers
  • Potential health issues & specific steps to take to stay balanced and healthy
  • Best ways to create success
  • Positive qualities and traits of your personality type
  • Specific steps you can take to live a happy and fulfilling life
  • and much, much more...
Pamala Oslie is at the forefront of a valuable and innovative approach to understanding people and their different personality types. Her unique in...

Robert L. Siblerud
I sincerely recommend Life Colors to anyone interested in the meaning and power of our aura colors and how that knowledge might apply to your life,...

Kenny Loggins
Relationships are like movies - once you have the story, it's all in the casting. If you want your story to be a happy one, get your own act togeth...

Jeff Arch
I'm amazed at Pamala's accuracy and insightfulness. The information she has on the aura colors can profoundly impact people - and I've seen it happen.

Anthony Edwards
Get started on our Beginners Aura Colors course FREE if you become an Aura Colors Member, starting at $3.95
Welcome to the fascinating world of auras!
Did you know that the colors in your energy field, your aura, reveal a lot of important information about you? You have the keys to know how to live your best, most amazing life right inside your aura. You’re carrying around your own personal how-to manual, your own life map. You can discover a lot about yourself and how you can live a happy and fulfilling life once you discover what your personal aura colors are and what they reveal about you.
Starting at just $3.95/a month you get access to hours of video, mp3, and written materials.
Yes! Your answers and your unique keys to success and life fulfillment are found in your own personal aura! You have the specific steps and directions that will lead you to your best life path already inside you and they are revealed in the colors of your aura.
View some of our life changing courses!
Beginners Course
In this fun Beginners Aura Colors Course, aura expert Pam Oslie guides you on your adventure through each of the fourteen aura color personalities via a series of videos.
Individual Aura Colors Courses
Each Individual Aura Color Course provides more in depth information and a greater understanding of that specific Aura Color.
Premium Aura Color Courses
This program offers you specific personal tools and in depth insights that can help guide you on your life path.
Infinite You Course
Discover How to Activate Your Own Authentic Abilities So You Can Live with More Freedom, Awareness and Empowerment
Practitioner Aura Course
People around the world are using Pam’s Aura Color System to help their clients, patients, and students. Now you can become a certified Aura Colors Practitioner and increase your skills to help people.
Quantum Leap Course
Coming Soon...
Take The Free Aura Colors Quiz Now!
Take this simple quiz and find out how your aura colors affect your life.
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