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What if I am attracted to someone who has colors that are not compatible with mine? The information we provide is meant to serve as a guide, not as an absolute. Any two people with enough love and commitment can create a long-lasting, harmonious relationship. The information was designed to help you find, understand, and […]

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My friends see auras, but they see different colors than LifeColorsCity describes. Many people see and sense the same aura colors that Pam does, and they interpret the meanings of those colors in the same way. However, there are also people who see and experience the auras 
differently. Some healers sense a different frequency – […]

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Do the aura Kirlian cameras take pictures of the “life colors”? The cameras usually measure something entirely different than people’s life colors. What the Kirlian cameras measure is your CURRENT emotional energy – not necessarily your life colors. Your emotional energy can and does change frequently, which is why the colors around you can change […]

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Is there any scientific information on auras? There are many sites on the science of auras. Here are some sites you can explore. LoveColors has not confirmed the validity of the information on these sites and is not responsible for the information contained therein. They are independent and separate sites and in no way related […]

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