Session 13 — Where to Find Each Color

Session 13 — Where to Find Each Color

Session #13: Where to Find Each Color

(Audio: approx 40 minutes)


If you would like to meet or form a relationship with any of the aura color personalities, this session describes where each aura color is likely to be found. Discover their hobbies, interests and favorite places to go. This can help you locate those who are compatible with you.

If you’d like to meet a Violet personality, for example, they love music, humanitarian causes and travel. Discover some of the places you can go to meet an “in power” and dynamic Violet.

Or if you are attracted to the Yellow personality, learn where the healthy Yellows can be found – such as the dog park or the beach. And discover which locations Yellows hang out which may lead to disappointment for you. This segment offers suggestions where you can go to meet new friends or that special someone – ideas that may never have crossed your mind.

Discover where to find the following colors:

  • Red

    Track (2:16)


  • Orange

    Track (3:17)


  • Magenta

    Track (2:28)


  • Yellow

    Track (4:13)


  • Tans

    Track (3:15)


  • Green

    Track (4:47)


  • Blue

    Track (3:46)


  • Violet

    Track (4:15)


  • Indigo

    Track (4:11)


  • Lavender

    Track (4:00)


  • Crystal

    Track (3:23)


Bonus Session: Where Do the Aura Colors Live?

Track (10:21)


This special session gives an overview of the lifestyle and environment preferences of many of the colors. Discover which aura colors prefer to live in big cities, which thrive in nature, which colors need solitude, and which prefer to travel or live in foreign countries.

Are you living in an environment that meets the needs of your aura color personality? Are you having trouble finding a compatible companion in your area? There may be a reason why your not feeling fulfilled. In this session you’ll hear interesting insights about the different aura color personalities that may help you find your best place to live or locate your most compatible partner.


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