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Invalid usernames:

Thanks for visiting our site.  Please remember that when you create your user name and profile, you can only create one unique profile for the Services provided, and that you cannot include any telephone numbers, street addresses, last names, URLs, multimedia or artworks downloaded from external sources, or email addresses in any content, email, chat message, mobile messages, or any other communication; doing so would violate our Terms of Use policy and result in your profile being deleted.


Upgrade membership:

There are two ways to upgrade or change your membership level: On the  auracolors home page, go to the Membership/Account dropdown page and go to My Membership this will take you to the Membership Account page.  Click on Change and there you will be able to select whatever Premium membership level you desire, the associated costs, and payment options.


Delete account and cancel recurring premium membership payment:

To remove your account, go to Membership/Account dropdown page and go to My Membership this will take you to the Membership Account page..  Click on Cancel and that will end your account with us. 

To stop your recurring payment if paying through PayPal, for a Premium Membership, please log in to your PayPal account and cancel your subscription there. You must complete this step to make sure automatic payments don’t keep coming out of your account.  Unfortunately, our Refund Policy does not offer refunds of unused portion of a paid membership.  Please read our Policy at /refund-policy.


Where to find my MP3 download:

You can find your download link for orders by going to the Membership/Account dropdown page and then to “My Purchases” and then to “Orders”.  There you will find all of your recent orders .Click on “View,” and under the “Order Details” you will find the link “Download.” Please note: some of our courses are not downloadable. 

Why do I keep getting logged out when I try to do anything?

Your “cookies” may be old/bad. You can easily fix this by clearing and resetting your cookies. If you’re not sure how to do this, you can find instructions here.


It says my password is incorrect.

Click here to go to the forgot password page. Once you enter your correct username or email address, a password reset link will be emailed to you. Once you receive your password reset link from AuraColors, click the link in the email and then enter your new password. If you don’t see the email, please check your spam folder. Copy your correct login email and new password in a safe and secure place, so you won’t have trouble next time you want to login.

My email address has changed.  How do I update my account with my new email address?

Click on the Membership/Account dropdown page, then to “My Membership” this will take you to the Membership Account page. Under “My Account” you will see “Edit Profile” click her and you will be able to update your email. 

What do I do if I forget my password?

You can recover your password by clicking on Forgot Password. Please remember to check your spam/junk for the password recovery link.


Can I change to a different language on AuraColors?

AuraColors will eventually be making the site available in languages other than English.  Until that time, English is the only language used on this site.


How does Verification work?

During the profile creation process, you will see an abuse-prevention mechanism called Word Verification. This feature helps prevent spam-generating automated robots from creating profiles and sending emails. Word Verification also reduces system loads and ensures better performance of Yahoo! services.

It is easy to use this feature:

At the bottom of the form is a word whose letters are somewhat distorted.

Type that word into the box provided above it. It is not necessary to match uppercase or lowercase letters. Click Send.



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