Astrology on Pam’s Radio Show June 24, 2013‏

Astrology on Pam’s Radio Show June 24, 2013‏

We’re going to have fun with astrologer Ute Soltner on my radio show, Monday, June 24, 5:00 PM PT. You can listen via or on 1290 AM in Santa Barbara. Ute is always full of great information about what’s coming up and what we can expect this year. I always believe in free will – and I’ve also been amazed at her accuracy. She’s accurately predicted the dates we would have a fire in SB, earthquakes, tornadoes in the south – and some fun and expansive things that ended up happening too. I hope you join us to see what we as the masses are creating this year, what we can expect in the next few months, and learn how we can either prepare or help shift or celebrate what’s coming! It’s always interesting on planet Earth! Discover some helpful tools.

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