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It appears that you have found some Violets right here – with some valuable advice. AND I know it can be challenging to find Violets because they’re on the perimeter of the wheel – living outside the box themselves. I agree with these voices here – very important to trust, develop, strengthen and listen to […]

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Indigos Indigos are here to live as examples of a new higher awareness. They are usually honest, aware, independent, fearless, and strong willed, but also bright, creative, and sensitive. Indigos are old souls who know who they are and where they came from. They are so highly psychic, unusual and spiritually advanced that some people […]

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I will be taking calls on my radio show on Monday, March 11, 5:00 – 6:00 PM PT so if you would like a free psychic reading, feel free to call 866-564-1290. (In Santa Barbara, call 564-1290.) You can listen live via or on 1290 AM Talk Radio in SB. I hope you will […]

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Start the year off right by honoring your true colors and making this New Year’s resolution the most powerful yet. Once you discover your true aura colors – what physicists call the electromagnetic field – and the personality, emotions and temperament they reflect, you can make a New Year’s resolution that will speed you on […]

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