Session 11: — Emotional Colors Relationships

Session 11: — Emotional Colors Relationships

Session #11: The Emotional Colors —
What Each Color Needs in Relationships

(Audio ~ 1 hour)


Whether you are looking for love or focused on creating harmony in your current relationship, understanding the different needs, desires and priorities of these specific Emotional Colors can enhance your experience. If you are one of these Emotional Colors, this knowledge can also help you realize who is naturally compatible with you and why – so you’re not looking for love in all the wrong places.

Some of you Emotional Colors crave a lot of time, attention, and deep emotional bonding with your partner, while some of you prefer partners who give you a lot of space and freedom. And then some of you benefit from partners who allow you a lot of privacy, quiet and solitude. If you are looking to be in a relationship with one of these Emotional Colors, discover which of them will be most compatible with you and which will meet more of your personal needs.

  • Blue

    Track (14:02)

  • Violet

    Track (15:48)

  • Indigo

    Track (16:23)

  • Lavender

    Track (13:57)

  • Crystal

    Track (14:53)


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