Session 5 — Bonus Aura Color Topics

Session 5 — Bonus Aura Color Topics

Session #5 – Bonus Aura Color Topics



In this session, you’ll get a quick peek into other categories about the colors – color combinations, color compatibility, how some aura colors manifest, and example life purposes.

  • Frequently Found Combination Colors (20 min)

    Explore a few of the aura color combination personalities – two “life” colors around one person. Discover how each color can either complement the other by adding balance, power or strength to the other color, or how the two different colors can create inner conflict inside a person. Often each color wants its own needs met, which can be opposite needs, so the colors can fight against each other.

  • Aura Color Compatibility (3:49)

    A brief explanation about how and why certain aura colors are compatible, and how you can create a happy relationship even if you are with someone who has incompatible aura colors.

  • How Some Colors Manifest (3:10)

    Examples of how some of the different aura color personalities manifest what they want in life. (I.E. Violets, Blues, Physical Colors, Greens, & Tans)

  • Colors: Life Purpose (1:25)

    A brief look at how each aura color personality has chosen a unique life purpose and theme for this lifetime.


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