Session 8 — Emotional Colors Happy & Healthy

Session 8 — Emotional Colors Happy & Healthy

Session #8: The Emotional Colors —
Advice on How to Be Happy & Healthy

(Audios: approximately 1 hour)


This session offers advice to the “Emotional Aura Colors” and reveals how each color can achieve optimum health, happiness and wellbeing.

Some aura color personalities benefit more from meditation, while others require exercise to stay healthy. Some must spend a tremendous amount of time in solitude to prevent feeling overwhelmed, while others become depressed if they don’t feel socially connected to others. Are you taking your best course of action for your highest good? Discover what your aura color personality needs to maintain health and wellbeing.

  • Blue

    Track (12:52)

  • Violet

    Track (12:57)

  • Indigo

    Track (12:22)

  • Lavender

    Track (13:23)

  • Crystal

    Track (12:40)


Bonus Session: A Conversation About Health & Your Emotions

Track (22:45)

Explore the affect your emotions may have on your health, and discover steps you can take to stay healthy and balanced. Most health challenges have a mental & emotional cause underlying them. Learn how different techniques and ways of shifting your thinking and emotional state can improve your overall health.


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