Psychic Medium Teresa St. Frances, What Happens the Day After?

Psychic Medium Teresa St. Frances, What Happens the Day After?


By communicating with souls who have crossed over and with spirit guides, Teresa shares what she’s learned about the purpose of life here on the planet, why we’re here, our spiritual contracts, what happens if we leave before we fulfill our purpose, and more. What she has discovered is the spirits of the dead can speak. And when the messages are from teens who’ve committed suicide, their words are not only powerful and searing, but utterly moving. Teresa details her encounters and conversations with spirits of adolescents and young adults who took their own lives, and she has done them justice in fulfilling their request for her to tell their stories.

Discover what these teens share about what happened when they crossed over, what they’ve learned about their lives, and the important messages they have to share.teresa-st-frances-book teresa-st-frances

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