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Yes Sometimes No  
I tend to express myself through my physical body and my sexuality more than through my emotions
I prefer work that is physical and has immediate, tangible results. A lot of the following careers would interest me: lifeguard, firefighter, paramedic, butcher, surgeon, dancer, actor, physical trainer, bodyguard, football player, boxer, police officer, bartender, hairdresser, barber, construction worker, repairperson, truck driver, soldier, shop foreman.
I have a fiery personality.
I enjoy lavish, physical pampering and sensuality.
I relate to people who are comfortable expressing their sexuality - like Marilyn Monroe or the singer Madonna. I would be comfortable being a sex symbol. Or I relate to the strong heroic types - knights, firefighters, boxers, and soldiers.
I often have a quick temper, but get over it quickly and do not hold grudges.
Whenever I am angry, my first impulse is to react physically - throw something, yell, hit, punch, strike out physically, or get drunk.
If I had the chance to discover how to have everything I desire, I would take it!


Yes Sometimes No  
I relish dangerous, thrilling, high-risk, physical challenges - the more dangerous, the better.
Success is easily defined for me - accomplishing a daring feat (reaching the top of the mountain, winning the race, surviving the jump); and having the money to be able to do it again.
I prefer jobs that challenge my physical courage, allow me to strategize, and be mentally cunning. These jobs would interest me: Stunt double, rescue worker, racecar driver, wilderness guide, guard, police officer, firefighter, private investigator, wild animal trainer, deep sea diver, skydiver, navy seal, or undercover agent.
I am intelligent and carefully plan every safety detail of my adventures. But sometimes act without "a net" to make the experience more thrilling.
Potential for experiencing physical pain does not frighten or deter me from having adventures.
I participate in or would love to participate in extreme sports.
I would love to free-lance and get paid by sponsors to do daring feats.
I'm excited by the idea of taking a Quantum Leap to a better life!


Yes Sometimes No  
My lifestyle tends to be flamboyant and eccentric.
My clothes, home, actions, and thoughts tend to be bizarre and shocking.
I like to shock and challenge people's beliefs so that humanity doesn't become static and boring.
I love parties and social events, however I often have trouble keeping friends because my behavior sometimes shocks or embarrasses people.
I enjoy outrageous artistic expression.
I do not usually take responsibility for friends or family.
I feel more comfortable living in a big city where I can hide out in crowds.
I would love to be able to see Auras!


Yes Sometimes No  
Having fun, enjoying life, and playing are strong priorities for me. I like everyone to be happy and for life to be easy and simple.
I have a great sense of humor and love to laugh.
I am usually optimistic and upbeat.
I like to be creative, artistic, work with my hands, garden, or fix things.
I love connecting with nature. Being in nature is healing for me.
I am usually a healthy person, however I often have back or knee problems (including backaches).
I am in one of these professions, or I would enjoy a career in at least one of these categories: Creative - Artist, musician, writer, comedian, designer, interior decorator, sculptor, actor or similar; or Healing - massage therapist, physical therapist, doctor, sports medicine, herbalist, acupuncturist, nutritionist, veterinarian, conservationist, or similar; or Physical - athlete, coach, life guard, surfer, gardener, park ranger, firefighter, bartender, chef, waitress/waiter, auto mechanic, plumber, electrician, house painter, construction worker, or similar.
It would be fun to learn more about Parallel Universes and Telepathy.

Logical Tan

Yes Sometimes No  
I am more comfortable with and prefer a secure stable job that provides a regular paycheck.
I am not an emotional person. I am usually calm and non-reactive in a crisis.
I prefer to see the proof, logic, and data behind ideas.
I tend to do well working on the details of a project.
I currently work or I have worked for the same company or organization for years.
I am a very analytical, logical, and sequential thinker. I prefer structure.
I work in the following careers or would like to: engineer, architect, accountant, bookkeeper, computer programmer, computer analyst, data processor, researcher, scientist, technician, mathematician, office worker, librarian, office clerk, factory worker, court reporter, electrician, computer or appliance repairperson, county surveyor, or similar.
I’m ready to get out of the “box” and be free!

Environmental Tan

Yes Sometimes No  
Working with, analyzing, or measuring the environment would be interesting to me.
I am able to judge weight, distance, and volume through inner physical senses. (I can tell how much something weighs by holding it in my hand.)
I am quiet, reserved, hard working, and down-to earth, but I am also independent and strong.
I am fascinated by how things work, especially such things as airplanes, submarines, and equipment.
I prefer stable jobs and reliable paychecks.
I tend to be serious and self-controlled.
I work as or would be interested in working as: Archaeologist, geologist, environmental researcher, map maker, forest ranger, military personnel, botanist, scientist, explorer, pilot, city planner, shipping and receiving clerk, architect, computer operator, lab technician, telephone repairperson, engineer, electrician, farmer, or similar.
If I had the chance to discover my true infinite self, I would take it!

Sensitive Tan

Yes Sometimes No  
I work in or prefer to work in a support role in which I take care of the details.
I am a calm, patient, sensitive, and rational thinker.
I tend to be a patient listener.
I tend to be quiet, reserved, and sometimes shy.
I prefer to understand the logic in a situation; however, I am also emotionally supportive of people's needs. I like to hear all the details, and take everyone's feelings into consideration before making a decision.
I feel that supporting community activities and attending functions such as PTA meetings are important.
I work as or would prefer a secure job as: Medical assistant, dentist or dental assistant, hygienist, secretary, bookkeeper, child care worker, pre-school teacher, office personnel, accountant, therapist, counselor, school advisor, homemaker, city planner, writer, career counselor, college admissions clerk, arbitrator, social worker, community service developer, public relations, school nurse.
I'm excited by the idea of taking a Quantum Leap in consciousness!

Abstract Tan

Yes Sometimes No  
I prefer jobs that allow me to work randomly with all the details of a project.
I can see all the details that need to be taken care of, but I often have difficulty deciding which ones need to be done first.
I frequently feel scattered, often forget appointments, or overbook my schedule with conflicting appointments.
I tend to theorize about emotions rather than actually express them. I tend to keep my feelings to myself.
I love humanity and am very curious about people from around the world.
I am constantly misplacing things.
I work as or would love to work as: city developer, landscaper, childcare worker, teacher, consultant, designer, interior decorator, graphic artist, gardener, health practitioner, interpreter, salesperson, computer programmer, tour guide.
I could see myself becoming an Aura Colors Practitioner.


Yes Sometimes No  
I like things to be organized, efficient, and well planned. I frequently write lists.
My three strongest priorities are making a lot of money, accomplishing my financial and business goals, and being respected by other powerful and intelligent people. (These are more important to me than helping others or improving the quality of life on the planet.)
I can be a workaholic, have a hard time relaxing, and am often in a hurry.
I tend to be a perfectionist and am usually demanding on myself and on others. I can be blunt and often intimidate people.
I often finish people's sentences for them. I want them to get to the point. I tend to talk quickly
I often have tight neck and shoulders, or frequently experience digestive or heart problems.
I work in or would enjoy working in the following professions: corporate executive, financial and investment advisor, banker, real estate agent, entrepreneur, stockbroker, salesperson, fundraiser, producer, businessperson, manager or agent, office manager, marketing and advertising coordinator, event organizer, venture capitalist, writer, or judge.
I'm ready to learn more about Aura Colors and Parallel Universes.


Yes Sometimes No  
People frequently turn to me with their emotional problems and I usually lovingly listen and counsel them.
Spirituality, love, people and animals are the most important elements in my life.
I am emotional and can easily be moved to tears. I cry when I'm happy, sad, angry, or sometimes for no apparent reason.
I am very intuitive and empathetic. I sometimes have experiences of knowing things that haven't happened yet.
I am a giver. Money is not my first priority.
I tend to put the needs of others first and my needs last.
I am, I have been, or I would like to be one of the following: teacher, psychologist, counselor, nurse, childcare worker, social worker, educator, volunteer or employee at a non-profit organization, homemaker, stay-at-home parent, spiritual teacher, clergy, nun or priest, church helper, secretary, waitress or waiter, astrologer, psychic, animal caretaker.


Yes Sometimes No  
I have a strong desire to help improve life on the planet.
I feel that I have a powerful message to get across to people. And I often feel that I am running out of time.
I have always felt that I was going to be famous or do something big or important.
I frequently end up in leadership positions or at least at the center of attention.
If I had a lot of money, I would travel or become involved in humanitarian, environmental, educational, or political causes.
I am very affected by music. I feel music is the universal language.
I am involved in or would like to do the following activities or careers: performer, actor, musician, singer, artist, writer, designer, producer, director, photographer, teacher, therapist, educator, psychologist, social worker, activist, humanitarian, environmentalist, consultant, lecturer, motivational speaker, politician, lawyer, judge, mediator, spiritual leader, company president, business owner, developer, astronaut, futurist, quantum physicist.


Yes Sometimes No  
I have a playful imagination. I enjoy fantasy and make-believe more than the real world.
I am quiet, creative, sensitive, gentle, and spiritual.
I am often forgetful and frequently spacey.
I am an imaginative and creative thinker; however, I usually have trouble following through with my ideas.
I often have pale skin or chronic health problems.
My environment has chimes, crystals, soothing aromas, and gentle music. I also have pictures of angels, fairies, mythical figures, or whimsical creatures in my home.
Although I'd prefer not to work, samples of careers that appeal to me are: storyteller, artist, writer (especially children's books), florist, mime, dancer, actor, costume designer, interior decorator, set designer, graphic designer, pre-school teacher, or teacher at a creative, alternative-thinking school.


Yes Sometimes No  
I am extremely sensitive and can be overwhelmed by being around too many people.
I often feel I have quiet, inner healing powers.
I need to spend a lot of time alone in meditation to replenish myself. I prefer solitude.
I am intelligent and love to attend the theater, watch movies, or read books that inspire me to ponder the meaning of life.
My personality changes to match others around me.
I am conscientious and cautious with money. I take my responsibilities seriously.
I have worked in these areas or would like to: librarian, massage therapist, healer, doctor, dental assistant, physical therapist, herb grower, artist, florist, writer, interior decorator, secretary, nun, monk, or similar.


Yes Sometimes No  
My appearance can seem androgynous or asexual - but my sexuality is not my main focus or concern.
I am highly intuitive or psychic.
I have a highly sensitive physical, emotional, and psychological system.
I have clear memories of past lives or can see beings in other dimensions.
Computers and other technologies are second nature to me.
I cannot be forced to operate against my beliefs even if it would make others happy. Guilt and punishment do not work on me.
I don't relate to the concept of working for money, and working for others seems restrictive, but I don't want the burden of starting my own business. The following careers interest me: artist, designer, writer, musician, animal caretaker, childcare worker, social worker, counselor, teacher, health practitioner, botanist, environmentalist, computer programmer, horticulturist, or similar.

Red Overlay

Yes Sometimes No  
I experienced at least one of the following as a child:
a) emotional, physical, or mental abandonment or rejection (i.e., unwanted child, adopted, alcoholic parent)
b) emotional, physical, or mental abuse
c) didn't feel safe in my environment or I felt I didn't belong on the planet and the adults didn't understand me
d) life-threatening situation before birth, at birth, or at a young age
My life seems to be a constant struggle.
I consistently experience conflict and frustration regarding relationships, health, money, career.
I frequently experience intense, often uncontrollable anger or rage.


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