Session 10 — Mental Colors Relationships

Session 10 — Mental Colors Relationships

Session #10: The Mental Colors —
What Each Color Needs in Relationships

(Audios: approx ½ hour)


In this session you can learn how to create a long-lasting and compatible relationship as a Mental Color or how best to be in a healthy relationship with one. Explore the specific traits and qualities each of these colors desires in a partner. Discover the different relationship styles, needs and priorities of the specific Mental Colors. Discover the positive benefits each of these personalities can bring to a relationship. Learn how each communicates and why some might not openly express their emotions. (Not all the Mental Colors are comfortable sharing their feelings.) Learn how you can value their strengths rather than try to force them to change so you can create harmony in your relationship.

  • Tans:

    Track (11:24)

  • Logical Tan
  • Sensitive Tan
  • Environmental Tan
  • Abstract Tan


  • Green

    Track (16:01)


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