Help FAQ

Help FAQ

Question: How do I change my password and/or email address?
You can change your password and/or email address in the Account Settings in “My Profile.”
Question: It says my password is incorrect.
Click here to go to the forgot password page. Once you enter your correct username or email address, a password reset link will be emailed to you. Once you receive your password reset link from AuraColors, click the link in the email and then enter your new password. If you don’t see the email, please check your spam folder.
Copy your correct login email and new password in a safe and secure place, so you won’t have trouble next time you want to login.
Question: How do I update my account with my new email address?
Click on Account Settings and update your email address.
Question: How do I update other important information?
Click on Account Settings.
Question: Why do I keep getting logged out when I try to do anything?
Your “cookies” may be old/bad. You can easily fix this by clearing and resetting your cookies.

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