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Blue Aura Colors – Signs of Stress & Tips to Be Happy

Blues are loving, nurturing, spiritual, emotional, and perpetually counseling and helping others.   Signs of stress: You’re exhausted from giving too much, you’re sad, cry a lot, feel unappreciated, feel unlovable or unworthy, feel guilty, or depressed. You may have...

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Soul Mastery Retreat

Activate Your Divine Essence, Magnify Your Manifesting Power and Explode Your Spiritual Growth! Click here to...

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Violet Aura Colors – Signs of Stress & Tips to Be Happy

Violets are visionaries, leaders, teachers, artists & humanitarians who want to help the world. Signs of stress: You’ve become overwhelmed, scattered, constantly multi-tasking, stuck, bored, restless, or depressed; or you’re bossy, judgmental & impatient. Your...

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Love and Compassion

I don’t know if there are any words anymore, or enough love and compassion to give those who have experienced the recent tragedies. Actually, all of us are being affected by these events. I encountered this wonderful video and couldn’t say it any better....

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Green Aura Colors – Signs of Stress & Tips to Be Happy

  Greens are intelligent and driven accomplishers, often business-owners, managers, sales, etc.   Signs of stress: You’ve become a workaholic; you’re frustrated, critical, controlling, arguing, yelling, blaming others, or being hard on yourself. You have tight neck...

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Yellows – Signs of Stress & Tips to Be Happy

Yellows are fun-loving, humorous, creative, physical, generous, sensitive & natural healers. Signs that you’re stressed: You are not laughing and enjoying life. You’re avoiding, procrastinating or distracting yourself with addictions (food, alcohol, TV, sweets,...

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Retreat to the Country PAMALA OSLIE RETURNS TO TEXAS A WORKSHOP WITH PAMALA AT BLACKBIRD FARM NEAR FAYETTEVILLE, TEXAS “A Journey to Your Greater Self” Part of what Pamala’s workshop will cover: Your Aura Colors Discover how your personal aura colors are influencing...

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Do Your Life Colors Change?

Most people don’t change their life colors – their overall life purpose and theme for this lifetime. They may add a new aura color and a new direction or develop a new skill and personality trait, but their inner life purpose usually remains the same. For...

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Aura Color Personalities & How You Can Accomplish Your Dreams

The following briefly describes the personalities and the dreams of the different aura color personalities. There are also specific tips on what you can do with your special aura colors to accomplish your dreams. If you don’t know or don’t remember what your two main...

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Discover Your Aura Color Life Purpose

One of the most rewarding experiences in the world to me is seeing a light come on in someone’s eyes after I’ve just shared an insight or given someone advice – when they’ve had an “ah ha” moment, or they’ve finally heard an answer that deep inside confirmed what they...

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