Receive life-changing, enlightening and empowering information during a private session with Intuitive Psychic Medium Pamala Oslie

Private Reading

Pam uses her intuitive/psychic abilities to help people discover their life path, solve issues, and achieve fulfillment. She also uses her ability to see and sense the human aura to obtain helpful, life altering information for her clients. Time with Pamala is one of the best investments you can make in living your full potential, overcoming self-sabotaging behavior, and changing your life forever.
What clients are saying
“Thank you so much for that profound reading with you!!!!! I listen to the recording every day while driving and it brings me much strength and clarity…”
“…even things we’ve talked about five years ago are starting to happen.”
“I’ve gotten more out of one session with you than I have from years of therapy and business coaching.”
Session Fees + Scheduling
  • 1.5 Hour Reading, $350
  • 1 Hour Reading, $250
  • 3/4 Hour Reading, $190
  • 1/2 Hour Reading, $125
  • 1/4 Hour Reading, $65
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Starting at just $3.95/a month you get access to hours of video, mp3, and written materials.

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