Session 2 — The Physical Aura Colors

Session 2 — The Physical Aura Colors

Session #2: The Physical Aura Colors

(Videos: approx 1 hour)


While each of us has a physical body, a mind, and emotions, each of the different aura color “families” has a predominant way of processing information. There is a difference between the “Physical” “Mental” and “Emotional” Aura Color families.

Begin your exploration of the different aura color personalities by learning about the various qualities of the “Physical Aura Colors.” The physical colors predominantly process life through touch and their physical bodies.


The Physical Aura Colors are:

  • Red (11:08)

  • Orange (9:15)

  • Magenta (13:43)

  • Yellow (13:07)


If you are you one of these intriguing colors you’ll discover:

  • The positive qualities and strengths of your personality type
  • The challenges you might face when you lose your center or become unhappy
  • What specific steps you can take to regain your emotional balance and become happier. What works for one aura color doesn’t always work for another color.
  • Which aura color personalities are compatible with you and how you can improve the dynamics in all your relationships
  • Your strengths and weaknesses with money and success
  • Your potential health issues and which methods work best for you to stay healthy
  • And more…

Whether you are a Physical Aura Color or you know someone with these colors, you can gain a better understanding and appreciation of each of these unique Physical Aura Color personalities. Discover how to live your best or how to get along with these physical personalities.


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