Session 3 — The Mental Aura Colors

Session 3 — The Mental Aura Colors

Session #3: The Mental Aura Colors

(Videos: approx 1 hour)


In this session, you’ll learn about the unique traits of the “Mental Aura Color” personalities. The Mental Colors predominantly process life through their minds – through reason, logic, and analyzing data. Here you’ll receive an overview of what is important to each of the following colors.


The Mental Aura Colors are:

  • Tans (18:12)

  • Logical Tan
  • Sensitive Tan
  • Environmental Tan
  • Abstract Tan


  • Green (11:15)

If you are you one of these interesting “Mental” colors you’ll discover:

  • Your beneficial personality qualities and how you can bring the best out of you
  • The different challenges you may face with your particular aura color
  • What specific steps and methods you can take to overcome difficulties
  • What methods work best for you to manifest money and success
  • Which aura color personalities are compatible with you and your strengths in creating long-lasting relationships
  • Your most common health issues, how you can prevent these illnesses, and what you can do to stay healthy
  • And more…

If you are a Mental Aura Color, or any of your loved ones have these colors, this information can help you learn to respect, value, and appreciate each of these unique color personalities. Discover how you can best live your inherent strengths and natural skills as a Mental Aura Color.


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