Session 4 — The Emotional Aura Colors

Session 4 — The Emotional Aura Colors

Session #4: The Emotional Colors

(Videos: approx 1 hour total)


Discover some of the distinct qualities of the various “Emotional Aura Color” personalities. The “Emotional Colors” predominantly process life through their inner senses, inner vision, intuition, and emotions.

The Emotional Colors are:

  • Blue (19:14)

  • Violet (22:21)

  • Indigo (10:01)

  • Lavender (9:31)

  • Crystal (9:06)


If you are you one of these unique aura colors you’ll discover:

  • Your best personality qualities and how they influence your life
  • The different challenges you often encounter with your particular aura color
  • Your needs and priorities in relationships and what you can do to create harmony with loved ones
  • Your definition of success and your most fulfilling career directions
  • What specific steps and methods work best for you to solve problems
  • Your potential health issues and specific methods for your colors to stay healthy
  • And more…

Whether you are an Emotional Aura color or you have loved ones who are, exploring the unique personalities, needs, desires, strengths and weaknesses of each of these colors can either validate things about yourself that you’ve sensed your entire life, or it can help you better understand the people in your life who have these colors.

By now, learning about the three aura color families and each of the specific aura colors, you will be well on your way to better comprehending yourself and everyone else in your life. You will also gain a better idea what each needs in life to feel happy and healthy, and how each particular color can create a more fulfilling life.


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