Session 7 — Mental Colors Happy & Healthy

Session 7 — Mental Colors Happy & Healthy

Session #7: The Mental Colors —
Advice on How to Be Happy & Healthy
(Audios: approximately ½ hour)

Explore the specific guidelines that are helpful for the Mental Aura Colors. Learn about the steps each needs to take in order for them to maintain equilibrium and a sense of wellbeing. Each of the aura colors has potential health issues that can arise if they are not happy, and each needs to take specific actions to stay balanced and healthy. If you are a Mental Aura Color, discover which methods work best for you. Since it’s common for Tans to keep their feelings to themselves, and for Greens to be perfectionists, and since it’s common knowledge that both types of behavior can lead to serious health challenges – receiving clues on how to stay healthy could be invaluable for people with these colors.

  • Tans:

    Track (11:54)

  • Logical Tan
  • Sensitive Tan
  • Environmental Tan
  • Abstract Tan 


  • Green (12:06)

    Track (12:06)


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