7 Reasons Why Knowing Your Aura Colors Can Help You Find Love and Create a Happy Relationship

7 Reasons Why Knowing Your Aura Colors Can Help You Find Love and Create a Happy Relationship

Each aura color reveals the person’s relationship needs, desires and priorities. By learning about the different aura color personality types and what the colors reveal about each person, you can first better understand yourself and then understand other people around you, which ultimately leads to better relationships.

Discovering who a particular different aura personality really is from the beginning can save you lots of frustration and effort trying to “change” someone.

By understanding your own aura color personality and then that of the people you intend to date…

1. The process of finding a truly compatible mate is made much easier. Instead of guessing and uncovering quirks and incompatible qualities through the process of dating, you can “cut to the chase” by knowing the true essence of the person you are dating. When you know your own colors and what they say about you, and understand your partner’s color traits, it is like having a hand-book on relationship advice custom written for you!

2. Knowing your own “life” colors helps you stay true to yourself and live your true path in life, which ultimately leads to greater harmony in your relationship. The happier and emotionally healthier you are, the healthier and happier your relationship will be. You can then bring your full self to the relationship and improve its health and fulfillment. Once you are familiar with the unique traits and qualities of the different aura colors, you can use this awareness to create stronger and more meaningful relationships with people in all aspects of your life.

3. You can know better what to expect from people, how they process information, their priorities and needs, their communication style, and how they interact in a relationship. For example, if you are dating a Blue, Blues live from their hearts, they are emotional, sensitive, and value loyalty and monogamy. If you are involved with a Yellow, Yellows are fun-living, free-spirited, playful personalities, who love freedom, so they may not want to quickly commit to a serious relationship. They need to feel safe and not suppressed or controlled. They want to please you, but they also don’t like being told what to do. Yellows often want a playful partner and/or someone who will enjoy physical activities with them. These are just two examples of the 14 different aura color personality types.

4. You can learn to speak each other’s aura color personality language. For example, Tans value logic, practicality and security. They need to understand each step along the way so that there is a stable foundation. When you talk, don’t rush the conversation, and don’t rush the relationship. Tans need to take steps at their own pace. They also typically are uncomfortable discussing feelings, so you want to let them talk about what they “think” rather than how they feel. Violets, on the other hand, see the big picture, value direct communication, discuss what they “see” in their futures, are much more passionate about the subjects and causes that they believe in, and can become impatient if things don’t move forward quickly enough.

5. You can learn how to respect and support each other’s differences and allow each other to be your authentic selves. Understanding how each of you achieves emotional balance and inner empowerment can be a great help in helping youcreating an exciting, fulfilling and dynamic relationship. You can support and appreciate each other’s strengths and contributions to the relationship.

6. You can avoid potential obstacles that may arise with the different personality types by understanding what can trigger those personalities and what goes against their values. You can also discover tools that can help solve those issues before they escalate into something irreparable. If you are looking for someone who can communicate and share deep feelings, for example, dating a Tan could be very challenging. However, understanding, appreciating and acknowledging what a Tan can bring to your relationship – the ability to be practical and down to earth, to be a stable provider, and to be a rational and calm problem solver, even in the face of chaos – can help your relationship thrive.

7. You can support each other and help each other live balanced, happier lives – each living your full potential. Understanding the essential core essence of a person, and what types of recreational and vocational activities work best for different color personality types can enable couples to be together in harmony and respect each other’s unique likes and dislikes.

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