Can I Learn How to See Auras?

Can I Learn How to See Auras?

Seeing and sensing auras are natural abilities: You have probably felt drawn to certain people. You felt comfortable standing near them. You have most likely also felt uneasy, uncomfortable, or even repelled by other people. You were feeling or sensing their energy field – their aura. Everything is energy. We’re made of energy. And we radiate energy. We’re broadcasting who we are all the time. 

We all came into this lifetime with the ability to see and sense auras. Infants and animals still see auras because they haven’t been taught otherwise. A baby will often smile and reach out to one person, but cry and pull back from another. A dog will growl and bark at one person yet befriend and wag his tail at another. The dog and baby are seeing or sensing the person’s aura or energy field. The exercises below can reactivate your natural ability to see and/or sense auras.

Different Methods: People can learn to see or sense the aura through different methods. Trust and use the method that comes natural to you, and then trust and acknowledge what you see or feel. Those steps are the most important.

  1. Learn to see the aura

A. White Glow: When you first start seeing the aura, you may see a white glow around a person’s head. The aura is typically the brightest and strongest around the head.

  1. Colors: It may take a while before you begin seeing the different colors in the aura. Different people often see the colors differently – just as we each taste food differently. There is not a correct way of seeing or interpreting the different colors. Trust what you see or sense and then ask inside yourself what those colors mean to you.
  1. Exercise: A simple exercise to help you see the aura is to have someone stand in front of a white background while you relax and focus just above and beyond the person’s head. Look above the person with “soft eyes” – the same way you have a soft focus when you daydream. Don’t try too hard to see the aura. And don’t try to look right at it. First focus your soft gaze beyond the person’s head or at a point on their face, such as the forehead or nose.  Struggling and intensely focusing will probably not work. Relax and let it come to you.

Notice if after a few moments, you see a soft white glow around the person’s head or body. Many people assume that what they are seeing is an optical illusion, an afterimage of the physical body. (For example, if you stare at something red for a while and then look away, the opposing color green will appear before your eyes. This is an optical illusion.) To prove to yourself that you are seeing the aura, ask the person to concentrate energy and imagine an intense beam of light shooting from the top of his or her head. You should be able to see that white glow expand, intensify, or fluctuate.

  1. Keep practicing: It may take you some time and practice to be able to start seeing or sensing the aura. So don’t give up or get discouraged. We learned everything by practicing – eating, talking, walking, writing, etc. Just don’t struggle with it or make it hard work. Relax and allow it to come to you.
  1. Learn to feel the aura: 

You may first sense the aura through your physical body. Energy often generates heat so you may be able to feel the heat from a person’s aura through your hands. 

A. Exercise: You can experiment with this method by holding the palms of your hands approximately three feet from a person’s body and slowly moving in toward the body until you feel the sensation of heat or energy. In the beginning you may only experience the sensation in your hands when you are a few inches away from the body. However, with trust, patience, and practice your sensitivity will increase and you will learn to feel a person’s aura from a greater distance.

  1. How different aura color personalities feel, see, or sense the aura:
  1. Many emotionally intuitive people – Blue, Crystal, and Lavender aura color personalities for example – often intuitively sense a person’s energy field or aura before they are able to physically see it. They can sense whether the person is insecure and sensitive, emotionally depressed, angry, or powerful just by becoming quiet and feeling the person’s energy – even if that person has not exhibited any obvious outer behavior. You may be one of these aura color personalities.
  1. People who process life predominantly through touch and their physical bodies are usually the ones who can feel the aura – through their hands or their bodies. Yellows, Reds, Oranges, and Magentas are typically more kinesthetic. You may be one of these “physical aura color” personalities.
  1. Some people are very visual personalities – Violets, for example. They tend to actually see the aura before most people do. Their third eye seems to be more developed. If you can see images, flashes of light, or other energies through your peripheral vision, you may be a Violet.
  1. It appears that a few people – for example Indigos, the new psychic children – have retained their ability to see or sense the aura.
  1. Those who tend to analyze everything – usually the Tans and Greens – can struggle the most with learning to see or sense the aura. They are typically the least trusting and skeptical of intuitive abilities. If you are one of these more analytical aura color personalities, you can still learn to detect auras. You’ll want to learn to relax and let go of trying to figure out how it works. Just allow yourself to experience the energy.
  1. Fear can block you: 

Make sure you are not afraid to see the aura, because fear can hold you back. Are you afraid that you won’t be able to see these energy fields? Are you concerned that your friends and family will think that you are crazy? Are you afraid they will stop loving you or abandon you? Are you afraid of your own power or your intuitive abilities? You’ll need to make peace with your fears and imagine a different outcome. Trust that these abilities can help you and others, not harm or frighten them.

  1. In the future: We are moving into a time in which we’ll become more aware and develop many more abilities than we have at this time. The ability to see the aura is a natural one. We’ve just forgotten how to do it. It can be easy to reawaken that ability. 

Enjoy learning to see and feel the aura!

Pamala Oslie

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