Pam Gives Free Psychic Readings on Her Radio Show

Pam Gives Free Psychic Readings on Her Radio Show

On Monday, Dec 12, I will be taking calls, offering free psychic readings, and discussing interesting topics, 5:00 – 6:00 pm PT. If you would like a free reading, call toll free 866-564-1290 (In Santa Barbara, call 687-6604, international 001 805-687-6604.) You can listen on or 1290 AM in Santa Barbara, CA. This show will rebroadcast on Sunday, Dec 18, 8:00 am PT.

While listening to the other callers, you may gain some powerful insights and helpful tools to support you on your path as well. Or you may hear information that validates what you’ve been feeling deep down inside about a decision you need to make or a direction you’ve already taken. The goal is to inspire, empower, and support you living your best, most awesome and fulfilling life.
Happy holidays to you all!!

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